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Successful appeal against a refusal to assess results in fully funded package of support
Sean* has mild cerebral palsy, resulting in dysarthria. He has fine and gross motor difficulties, problems with his ability to maintain attention and has subtle language difficulties related to his dysarthria. Sean’s deputy asked us to assist the family to see if we could get any additional support in place at school. We put together a request for an Education, Health and Care needs assessment which the local authority initially turned down.

Local authority’s policy of ‘writing off’ young people overturned
George* has severe cerebral palsy as a result of negligent medical treatment at birth. This has led to severe physical disabilities, significant learning difficulties, communication difficulties and a total reliance on others.

Successful appeal secures specialist residential school
Stephen* has severe cerebral palsy. Despite his physical and learning difficulties, he had attended a mainstream school, getting by with inadequate support for many years. However, when the local authority’s EHC plan named a college that was completely inappropriate, his mother, Helen*, had finally had enough.

Funding restored for independent specialist residential college
Michael* is 21 years old. He has severe disabilities as a result of negligent medical treatment at birth. Michael spent all of his time in education supported by a Statement of Special Educational Needs and, later, a Learning Difficulty Assessment. Michael has always attended a specialist school and college.

Successful challenge to a Local Authority's decision
Peter* has autism. His condition affects his ability to communicate and to interact socially with others but as his mother, Miriam, knew, it did not affect his ability to learn. When it came to choosing a school, Miriam chose a local mainstream Church of England nursery and school. Peter’s autism was not apparent when he started nursery but came to a head in Reception.

Successful transition from Statement of SEN to Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
Samantha was in her early teens when her parents contacted us. Whilst she had a Statement of Special Educational Needs naming a mainstream school, Samantha was unable to attend school full time as a consequence of her needs.

Appeal against the Statement and successful negotiation with the local authority
Poppy was 12 years old when her parents came to see us. Poppy had very complex medical needs. She was born with severe combined immune deficiency and suffered encephalitis when undergoing a bone marrow transplant resulting in quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

SENDIST appeal against the school named on the Statement
Anna has Down’s syndrome and has a Statement of Special Educational Needs. At the time of our involvement she was in the last year of her primary school, a voluntary aided mainstream school.

Successful negotiation with the local authority
Beatrix has a severe speech and language disorder and difficulties with her fine and gross motor skills. She has problems with her working memory and has diagnoses of dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia.

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