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Who we are

We love our work.

We are highly specialist education (SEN) solicitors with considerable experience in helping hundreds of families get the extra help and support required for their children with special educational needs and disabilities.

We have built a reputation for working sensitively with:

  • Families, including Trustees

  • Other solicitors, including negligence, personal injury and deputies

  • Case managers

  • Experts

  • Local authorities and schools (mainstream, special and maintained or non-maintained/ independent).

Our aim is always to get the SEN assistance and change required as quickly as possible, without unnecessary hearings, and with minimal disruption to children and busy parents' lives.

We know that parents have a tough job to do and we are on their side. This means that we never ever work for or advise local authorities on special educational needs matters.

If your child has been injured as a result of a medical accident or negligence by a health care professional our medical negligence team can help get compensation through making a medical negligence claim. This will enable an injured child (and their family) to get the support and assistance they require outside of school as well as at home. Through our Court of Protection team, we are also able to help manage medical negligence compensation awards to maximise the benefit to children and their families. 

Our specialist solicitors are;

If you would like to talk about your child’s special educational needs then please contact us at [email protected] or call 0800 884 0723 – our specialist SEN solicitors are here to help.

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