Making sure our son gets the education he needs at the school we want

Making sure our son gets the education he needs at the school we want

When we found out that the local authority wanted to place our son in a school that we did not choose and did not support his needs, we were in complete despair and didn't know what to do.

Searching for answers

We knew the local authority were wrong but unlikely to back down. So we searched the internet for help and advice. Boyes Turner gave us fantastic advice when we phoned them, and they supported us every step of the way.

Happy outcome

Our son has become a different child in one day of being in his new school! He is now reading and writing by himself. He is so happy and loves cooking on a Friday. He is so excited about going to school, even the taxi ride doesn't worry him. He has become a very confident boy. He is now at the correct school for his needs, and this has made a huge difference.

Fighting on our behalf

Making the decision to instruct a lawyer was a hard one as it felt like a huge undertaking, but as soon as Boyes Turner started on the case, things improved. Just knowing someone was fighting on our behalf and knew what needed to be done. My only regret was not doing it sooner.

I am so happy at the outcome, I don't think we would have had such a comprehensive service from any other law firm, and you took the worry away...I do not regret a single second of the whole process, apart from the bit before you got involved. 

James' mother, Boyes Turner client

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