Cerebellar atrophy

Cerebellar atrophy is a degeneration of the section of the brain responsible for balance, muscle movements and posture. Children with this difficulty can exhibit unsteady gait, poor muscle control and difficulty speaking and swallowing.

Cerebellar atrophy tends to result from brain injuries, strokes or other conditions such as multiple sclerosis. The cause of the cerebellar atrophy can impact upon the speed of the degeneration and the resulting special educational needs (SEN).

Various forms of medical intervention are available which may slow or halt the degeneration.

Because there is a very close link between medical and special educational needs in cerebellar atrophy, it is important that a detailed assessment of a child’s needs takes place. An Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) provides a holistic package of support covering each area. In our experience, cerebellar atrophy requires this multi-disciplinary approach.

As soon as a child is diagnosed with cerebellar atrophy, parents and carers should be seeking special educational needs advice.


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